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October 4, 2012
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The Ancient Elements of Harmony by Ziom05 The Ancient Elements of Harmony by Ziom05
Finally I can show you this picture :)

The Ancient Elements of Harmony... The team who were fought against mad ruler of Equestria - Discord, Lord of Chaos.

From right:

Celestia and Luna - Element of Magic
Fenix the Dragonslayer and his comrade-in-arms Philomena - Element of Generosity
Pallanen Lifekeeper ( ent deer ) - Element of Kindness
Doctor Whooves - Element of Loyalty
Ban Dragonheart ( buffalo ) - Element of Honesty
Surprise ( skeleton ) - Element of Laughter

Check my new poll and give the answer, who is your favorite ancient element of harmony :)

Maybe some comic one day...
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Oh my. Oh my, oh my.

It's really hard to describe the feelings that inspire when I see a picture like this.

First and foremost, it's beautifully well done. The characters, I'm assuming completely original, are brilliantly detailed. They all look different, yet all match the theme that you were going for. The background fits very well in the message you're trying to convey. Celestia and Luna both look well drawn, though my only complaint is that they don't look quite like the Celestia and Luna that we're used to seeing. Obviously that's because this is the past, but a little more likeness would have been good.

But apart from the art, the story that this drawing tells is just phenomenal. My mind is racing thinking of all the back story behind every single little detail, from the torn and beaten Celestia and Luna, to the destroyed background and to the five different element characters. I can envision nearly endless stories just by looking at each individual aspect of the drawing; I can only imagine what you were thinking as you drew it.

I can't honestly think of any negative thing to say. This is going up on my desktop, and I doubt it'll get replaced for quite a while. Very good work.
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Wow, this is, amazing. Very reminiscent of World of Warcraft....

And please pardon my grammar and spelling, it ain't so gud.

I have never written a critique but this, this deserves so much praise.

The characters are just, well phenomenally well drawn, the expressions on their faces and the amount of detail put into their outfits is mind blowing to say the least.

And the story, before reading your description of the characters my mind was racing to figure out why this situation turned out how it is. I'm wondering what happened to our faithful heroes? Who are our heroes in the picture? How are they going to stop the evil that they obviously must confront?

And yet, even after reading your synopsis, I'm even more interested... I want to know how they plan to stop Discord, why Celestia and Luna are possibly wounded or stranded.

You have taken a still frame, a image, and have drawn the viewer into a magical world. A simple image, more creative than some two hour films. Truly, very impressive.

Like another critic, this will be on my wall, for a long, long, time. You sir, have a new watcher.
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Oh my.

I have to ask: Would you give me permission to write a story based on this image and—if so—to use this image as the cover?
Brilliant!...thats all I can say about this awesome piece of artwork.
Wow this is so amazing I'm loving this pic.Love  
FelixCarter Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought The Doctor never carried guns? Then again, I've only seen a bit of the show.

Pretty steller piece. The shades, colors, values, and overall composition is extremely amiable to the eyes. I really like how you put darker tones around the mountain to draw the eyes back to the right of the image, while still managing to keep a moderately asymmetrical piece. Said tones really help in balancing both sides due to the left having so much going on!
The characters are all well-designed and have a lot of emphasis on detail. But while the five on the left have a lot to offer visually, I feel that Celestia and Luna are a bit lacking in comparison. However, more detail, shades, values, and gradients might have been too distracting, and - as it stands - the lesser amount of detail on the two by no means degrades the quality of the image as a whole.
The full range of light and dark values used in both foreground and background keep the eyes wondering around the image and add a good sense of depth.
Some minor areas - such as Pallanen Lifekeeper's flank and Celestia and Luna overall - might benefit from slight re-texturing or lighting differential and would add to the attention to detail that the entire image stresses. The nicks and cuts on both Celestia and Luna seem very superficial and too similar. Some diversity in the color for the wounds (such as darker red for dry blood and lighter colors for more recent cuts) and maybe even small bruises would add more of a story to the two sisters.

Alltogether, this is a very well done piece and tells a story without the need for words. Well done, Damian.
ultimate-galaxy Apr 5, 2014  New member Student
I was really surprise that a skeleton is the Element of Laughter ! He / she give me a surprise , I thought skeleton maybe is the Element of loyalty or honesty U are so creative !
dawnwhooves Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOVE it! Very creative!
Wow this is amazing I love this pic it so epic. :D (Big Grin) 
yungcorrupted Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
did you make the skeliton the element of laughter because of the metephor from "die of laughter"?
HighRollerHydra Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
The Skeleton's LAUGHTER?! Seriously? O_o
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